Sunday, January 08, 2006

Chicky's is back

Got Chicky's grilled chicken over Greek salad for lunch. First time back in Chicky's since they renovated and since the gruesome murder in the apartment above it and also since they removed the scary elf thing across the street. What the hell is that thing? How is a giant creepy elf helping sell more Christmas trees? "Come into my van kids, I've got candy canes for you".

The actual name is Chicky's on 86; the "on 86", while technically unneccessary since there is no other Chicky's restaurant, may be the greatest marketing tool ever. You'll never forget what street they're on. The renovation didn't change much, new tiles on the walls, a new counter. The ventilation system seems greatly improved although I couldn't tell if they just cleaned the black smoke-stained drop-ceiling tiles or got new ones. Way less smoky. Greek salad was fetariffic and neatly arranged in the styrofoam container. Chicken was moist & charred nicely. Chicky's is back.

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