Saturday, March 03, 2007

Kellie Pickler's Boobs are Super Popular

Since casually using American Idol's Kellie Pickler's boob job as a metaphor yesterday, traffic here has exploded. Over 400 people have coming looking for the scoop on the implants. Apparently there are many many ways to ask the same question:
Interestingly enough, half the searches spelled her name Kelly and still made it here somehow. After doing some research, it is unclear if Pickler did in fact get implants. The addition weight around her hips and ass makes it possible that she just put on some pounds in a few spots. So I'll leave the final determination up to you readers- with a poll:
Kellie Pickler's Boobs- real and spectacular or fully paid for
Fake free polls
Whether the boobs are real or not, it is abundantly clear that her new haircut makes her look like she's 40 and is beyond horrible. Kellie Picker at age 19 has somehow managed to look like a trashier Dolly Parton. Ouch.

Here's a few more search terms for Pickler's boobs- breast implants photos pics tits fake plastic surgery real and spectacular boobage sweater puppies tatas mountains motorboat boobies bosom knockers titties mammaries bazookas coconuts funbags headlights globes melons pair milkwagons twins hooters cannons rack chest pumpkins. That ought to cover it!