Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Inside the Williamsburgh Savings Bank

The beautiful Williamsburgh Savings Bank Tower has been under renovation for over a year to remake it from office space to residential (and being renamed as One Hanson Place under the scheme). The cavernous ground floor commercial space was formerly a bank:
Currently it is unoccupied and available for lease. Open House NY this past weekend allowed visitors a glimpse into the grandeur of the space (did I mention it's cavernous?!):The landmarked interior feels very much like a cathedral- marble's the view from the balcony:
There was so much to look at, every surface seemingly had it's own set of interesting details:
Even the ceiling was covered... I really liked all the lighting fixtures (although with the huge windows and sunlight streaming in, they seem unnecessary).
Even the exit door were nice. Hopefully this place will be rented to a tenant who respects the interior and allows public access. It was definitely one of the highlights of OHNY '07.