Monday, January 09, 2006

NFL Goes Soft On Erectile Drug Deals

Huge props for the ballsy headline, Wayne Friedman. So I guess this means no more ads for Dr. Porkenheimer's boner juice during NFL games. While I'm on the subject, I absolutely must discuss the most famous and lovable boner in recent history; Mike Seaver's best friend- Richard Boner Stabone.

How did the Growing Pains producers ever slip that one past the censors? Richard Boner Stabone. The show went south after Boner left to go into the Army. I doubt he even got to see Mike's sweet pad above the Seaver family garage. And apparently Boner's real-life father is Chekov from Star Trek. So without ED commercials, can we expect a return of the Bud Bowl? Bud light is overdue for a victory.

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