Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Big Brother 7 All Stars

Big Brother 7 aka Big Brother 7: All Stars aka Big Brother All Stars...yes this program has managed to change names three times in two weeks and screw up my DVR (TiFaux). The producers have put together a very exciting cast, albeit one that is heavily stacked from the most recent seasons.

The infighting and strategizing is fantastic so far. The season 6 contestants have formed a very strong alliance that looks unbeatable at this point. I predict that the season 6 and soon to be weakened 'chilltown' alliances will sort of merge and pick off all the others one by one. The eventual winner of Big Brother 7 All Stars will be Jedi Howie. You heard it here first. He is well liked and playing smarter than last year. Somewhat under the radar, but not enough to be left out of major decisions. 2006 is Howie time.

The best thing about Big Brother 7 All Stars is what they don't show you.. the jack shack. That would be a large wooden box in the backyard that normally is used to hold pool equipment but is just large enough to fit the male cast members while they release the pressure of their, well, male cast members' members. The wood box is conveniently impervious to all cameras including the night vision one. Video? Yep.

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