Friday, July 28, 2006

Done Deal Hogs the Sidewalk

Done Deal, whatever the hell it is, has taken up an obnoxiously large amount of sidewalk real estate with their massive convention style tented booth on E 86th Street. The sidewalks are the freeways of New York. There's a few rules of common sense that everyone should follow: don't stop suddenly- pull of to the side slowly if you need to stop and don't hog the road. Apparently Done Deal doesn't know the deal. I don't know what they were selling since I didn't stop to get a closer look since they were not handing out any freebies other than some mystery beverage in a large container that did not appear to have an alcohol in it. I'm sure whatever it is, it's totally awesome based on the balloons- how could it not be? The guy in the tophat was a bit creepy. Looks like he's about to Punk someone. Done Deal should have had some giveaways; I'm a total sucker for freebies, particularly ones that are total junk and I'll never use yet never throw out. Case in point from my kitchen- the uglyass VitaCoco refrigerator magnet pad with 10 sheets of unused tiny paper.