Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Meat in the Meatpacking District

Usually the only meat in the Meatpacking District is stuffed into some New Jersey guido's too tight designer jeans. The area was formerly dominated by the meatpacking industry but is now home to trendy galleries, trendy restaurants, trendy nightclubs, and trendy high end fashion.

But the meatpackers are still around- just barely. Many have been priced out. There are talks of moving them to some modern facility but as of now the trendy and the meaty coexist. So I present to you an opportunity to witness a rarity before your very eyes. Behold the magnificence and beauty of actual meat being packed (no I don't know what technically qualifies as "packing" meat either but something is happening with meat here and that's the important thing):
Imagine the smell of the dripping blood, sawdust, and internal organs combined with the washed out scent of perfume and puke from some fake boobed hoochie who tripped in her high heels over the cobblestone streets last night after leaving a nearby club and puked out all seven $15 vodka RedBulls right on the very same sidewalk your juicy sirloin is now traveling above.
Meat in motion! The meatpacker above slides it along the track from the truck to the building. From there it goes pretty much directly to your plate. The Meatpacking District is still alive. Yum! Meat!