Thursday, December 21, 2006

Just Bought A Sweet Van

Yo Xzibit, pimp my ride...oh wait, it's already pimped. Ha. Just bought this sweetass van from some dude who was living in it down by the river. Apparently he's some sort of motivational speaker or something but not doing so well. It had a forsale sign on it and I saw the guy and he only wanted $100. I poked around inside, it didn't smell, test drove it real fast and now it's mine for a bit until I put it up on Ebay. Seemed sketchy but I got the title for it; the name on the title is "Matt Foley". A googlesearch turns up about 10,000 links for Matt Foley, so I have no idea how legit this guy was but whatever, I've got the van now and it's sweet graf tags. Hopefully they aren't gang signs or something. This thing's got an all pleather interior, a cd player, and captain seats that recline. I'm so pumped (that's "stoked" to my Cali readers) to have freshy fresh transportation now; if you see me driving around town in my pimped van, flag me down and say hi!