Monday, November 27, 2006

Tragic True Story of Mr. Zip

Here's Mr. Zip, mailman extraordinaire. Unfortunately when the post office downsized in the mid '80's, Mr. Zip was replaced with a managed service point barcode scanner device (made in Korea). Mr. Zip's friendly reminders and inability to separate local Manhattan mail from out-of-town Brooklyn and Queens mail rendered him obsolete before his time.
The Daily News reports that Mr. Zip's "mail slot" was sealed shut in 1992 in a botched plastic surgery procedure to "increase delivery efficiency through the front receptacle" rendering him "unable to drop off bundles" early in the day. A bloated Zip was found dead due to internal organ explosion several weeks later, his cracked expanded skin held together by 2 cent stamps, his tongue cut in many places and completely dry. A true tragedy. 10016 will never be the same.