Thursday, November 09, 2006

More on the Marathon

Sorry so slow on these, was busy running for Senate. Ok. Here's more on Sunday's New York Marathon. These two were just a bit behind the leader pack. Still moving real fast though:

The view on 1st Avenue at 86th Street about an hour after the fast dudes passed. When it was more interesting to go back out there in the chilly weather.
Check out this guy, running it on one leg- and fast.The crowd is much thicker on the west side of the street, as the east side is pinned between the marathon and the river for about 35 blocks, with difficult transportation options. I'm sure the runners really appreciate the humor after 17 miles lady. update: Apparently the sign lady is a semi-famous blogger!
Marathon Sunday is the one day that's it's good to live on a low floor right on the busy avenue.. perfect for watching the race from your fire escape.
And the NYC Marathon foreign spirit award goes to...French flag guy
Or maybe to Italian crazy hair guy?
Nope... it's going to the French for the brie hat...for combining spirit with a good source of protein and a slightly rancid odor wake. Congrats France.