Thursday, October 26, 2006

Grey Gardens She Wrote

Just back from a preview of the upcoming Broadway musical "Grey Gardens". Grey Gardens is the story of Jackie O's aunt and cousin who lived in an East Hampton mansion that descends from majesty to cat lady squalor (based on a true story!). Christine Ebersole is fantastic playing both the young aunt and old cousin in the 2 acts which take place many years apart. I'm sure the reviews will use words like "tour de force" and "Tony contender" to describe Ebersole's stage dominance.

The show did have some slow points and the story is sad at times but it was punctuated by some very funny lines and songs. Broadway musicals are not for everyone, but who shows up at a preview on a Thursday night? Besides me of course- it's gay men and old people (mostly old ladies, with an average age of maybe 75), and Angela Landsbury!

Angela is a multiple Tony award winner herself and an old lady and she looked pretty darn good for 81. She caused quite a huge stir in the crowd once she was spotted at intermission by the back bar, with whole groups of gays and old ladies standing up and looking at her. Clearly that is her demographic, housewives notwithstanding. Angela had tickets in about the 5th row, which is pretty prime- close but no neck craning.

This was my best theater celebrity spotting since I sat directly behind Ben Kingsley at The Elephant Man (featuring Billy Crudup in the title role) and thought he was Patrick Stewart the whole time- which is exactly why I don't approach celebrities.