Monday, October 16, 2006

Goodbye CBGB's OMFUG

Tonight was the closing night at legendary NYC club CBGB's. Patti Smith was the last to play. It's a real shame all these old clubs are closing down and nothing new is really opening up to take their place. CBGB's was impressive for many reasons but it's decor takes the cake- the entire place is covered floor to ceiling in band stickers and flyers.
That's Rana on the stage. There are stickers everywhere-I mean everywhere.

The place is a total dive. The owners plan on dismantling as much as possible and taking it with them to reopen in Vegas, which seems like a bad idea when you consider the floor- a wood floor patched in about 50 places, many parts are patched with metal.CBGB's has probably the most famous bathroom on earth. The bathrooms are about on par with the rest of the club, graffiti and stickers everywhere. Note the famous "throne" in the rear, just sitting up on a platform, no doors, no shame.

Closeup on the world's most famous toilet. It's actually difficult to use (for #1) because the step is right in front of it, making it too high up.RIP CBGBs wherever you end up.