Sunday, October 01, 2006

Mansion Diner Supports Freedom

I'm not sure what the dealio is but Mansion Diner over on York and 86th seems to have gone all patriotic and shit lately. They put up a massive American flag-strung from the fire escape out front- how's the view now second floor (and short 3rd floor) residents?
But in the ultimate display of both supporting the local community and freedom, they have place one of those giant painted apples in front of the restaurant. Not just any big apple mind you, but the Freedom Tower big apple from the Big Apple Fest in 2004. Note the old designs for the surrounding buildings.
Further investigoogling, I have discovered that this piece was painted by artist Terry Lewis-not be confused with Terry Lewis of "Jimmy Jam and" fame. This particular big apple was previously located at One Penn Plaza. So how did it get here and why? I will need to get to the bottom of this soon since supposedly the Mansion Diner is going to close for renovations, news somehow big enough for NPR.

Velvet Sea, like the Mansion Diner, supports patriotism and freedom. However, Velvet Sea does not support renaming french fries, "freedom fries" and Velvet Sea does not support people who put mayo on everything, particularly french fries.