Monday, September 25, 2006

Craziest Thing For Sale on the Subway

Sure everyone's seen people selling batteries on the subway. You've all seen the ladies selling DVD's of movies that aren't even out yet. We've all heard about how some kid is "not selling candy for no basketball team to take no trip but just trying to stay out of trouble" and all he has today is peanut M&M's. There's the two rappers selling their CD's for a buck, good rap, not gangsta rap.

But have you seen the guys selling the camping lanterns that turn on with a remote control?
Yep, his right hand, not shown, holds a remote control that turns this thing on and off. He had a whole handtruck stacked with boxes of these things. I don't know if it was the shirt and tie or some incredible sales pitch but to my complete shock it totally worked since these two people seated actually bought one. You can tell by their expressions that they are blown away by the remote control. They're probably using it as a replacement for the Clapper.

I think this is the product for sale. Hands down the most bizarre item for sale on a New York City subway train that I've seen.