Monday, September 18, 2006

Amazing Race is Back!

Last night was the season premiere of The Amazing Race. I can't believe it's season 10 either. As you recall, I instantly predicted the winners of the last season (the hippies), so the pressure is definitely on me to keep the streak going. CBS made it a little easier this year by knocking out two teams right off the bat. That leaves ten Amazing Race teams left:

David & Mary: aka Team Redneck. They will not get far, having never traveled outside of Kentucky or Tennessee before, they lack travel experience (which is huge). Plus Mary looks totally out of shape and they're rednecks.

Lyn & Karlyn: aka Team Alabama Moms. These two look to be very tough and determined and will hustle without complaint the whole race. However they are carrying a lot of cornbread and grits weight (is that what people from Alabama eat? is that racist? how about Waffle House weight?) and that will literally slow them down.

Dustin & Kandace: aka Team Miss USA. Beauty queens do not have a good track record in any of these type of competition shows, so I do not expect them to do well. I will give them serious bonus points for being from NYC and LA, and having travelled internationally a lot (I assume) but they will not win.

Kellie & Jamie: aka Team Sorority Cheerleaders. Too young, too cheerleaderish. They will attempt to use their looks to get ahead but that won't get you to the finals. It may work in the warm countries but try using your looks when you're the ugly bundled up ducking in Sweden. As soon as it gets cold, they're gone.

Peter & Sarah: aka Team 3 Leg. Sarah has 1 leg and Peter makes legs. Unfortunately Peter does not repair legs and Sarah's leaking fluid. She will make an admirable effort but Fogelling the other teams by using the disability card (unnecessarily) to board a plane early in the first leg- not a smart move. You can't make enemies this early. Sure Sarah can run triathlons, but there's more to the Amazing Race than just running far.

Rob & Kimberly: aka Team Jonathan & Victoria Pt 2. The fighting couples never win. You need to be strong with your teammate and inevitably the fighting couple will breakdown and lose their focus. They will of course in their losing on the mat speech say how this has helped strengthen their relationship and it's a once in a lifetime shared experience but they will lose.

Tom & Terry: aka Team Gay. Gay teams have traditionally done well and these guys look to be very smart, savvy and determined. However, they are an older team, don't appear as athletic as others, so they will flame out somewhere in Europe I predict.

Tyler & James: aka Team Balloon Huffing Addiction. If the race stops in Amsterdam, these guys are screwed. Models/Ex Addicts? Not two of the more intelligent things to be. They are strong and young but I think they will get caught up by either woman (or men if they're gay) and partying. Close but not good enough.

Duke & Lauren: aka Team Dad & Gay Daughter. These two seem tough. Experienced and in shape. They come off as non-threatening which is a huge advantage since the other teams won't try to screw you over. I'm predicting a 2nd place finish.

Erwin & Godwin: aka Team Asian Brothers. Ladies and gentlemen, you're next winners of the Amazing Race- Erwin & Godwin. These two are smart, focused, and athletic. They have a good team dynamic and look like the team to beat. As long as they don't make any stupid mistakes, they could stay middle of the pack the whole way and finish up strong at the end. Congrats in advance Erwin & Godwin.