Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Amazing Race, How Sweet the Sound

The best show on television is back! The Amazing Race season 9 premiered tonight with an awesome 2 hour episode. The race started at the legendary Red Rocks. This is Red Rocks, this is the Edge! The teams then flew off to Sao Paulo where they spent the entire episode. I never realized how huge Sao Paulo- 10 million people. Check out the full recap over at Dummocrats.

The clear favorites to win are BJ Averell and Tyler Macniven- the long haired bearded hippies. They are both intelligent- one went to Harvard, one to UC Santa Cruz and they met while traveling around the world on a boat. So they have smarts and extensive travel experience, which in my opinion- are both super key to winning the million dollars. But for BJ and Tyler, their biggest advantage is the hippie factor:
  • Notice how they were the first ones to leave Red Rocks- not because they are the fastest, but because they had been there before so they knew the way out. Any hippie worth his weight in dreadlocks has made a pilgrimage out to Red Rocks to see Phish, DMB, Widespread Panic, Phil Lesh, moe., etc. play out there or just to visit.
  • It's pretty much a sure thing that some upcoming episode will have them sleeping on the pavement outside some museum that doesn't open for 4 hours. No problem for BJ & Tyler, it's just like sleeping outside a Ticketbastard outlet waiting for those hard to get Halloween/New Years tickets to go onsale.
  • If they happen to come in last during a non-elimination round and have all their money taken away for the next leg of the race, no problem! They'll just use their innate hippie Haight Street spare changing skills to round up some cash. Maybe they'll hackysack for tips.
  • Going to a city, spending 3 hours doing physical activity and then immediately heading off to the next city? No sweat. The hippies call that "how I spent every summer vacation for the last 5 years on tour with my favorite band".
  • In the inevitable "find some vendor/item in a bustling marketplace" roadblock, Tyler & BJ will once again have no problems, having navigated the bustling marketplace that is "Shakedown St" in Grateful Dead parking lots looking for "that guy that was selling the veggie burritos with the awesome sauce, I think his name was PooBear or BooBear or maybe DewBear- you know, red shirt, long hair, we saw him at Shoreline next to the sweet VW bus with the black dog tied to it's bumper". "Oh with the mushrooms and black beans?" "Yeah."
The case is clear- hippie power will conquer all in the Amazing Race and reign victorious. Besides, do you really think any team is going to beat a guy who walked the entire length of Japan? Check out Tyler's 67 minute documentary on his walk-streaming here. For all sorts of back info on eventually winners BJ & Tyler as well as all the other loser contestants, head over to tar9.
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