Saturday, February 18, 2006

Umphrey's McGee at Nokia Theater

Last night Umphrey's McGee played at the Nokia Theater in Times Square. I was at the theater a few weeks ago and this has become one of my favorite spots to see a show. The sound was great again, dark, not oversold, quick entry, and speakers in the hallways & bathrooms. I countered the $9 drinks by pregaming at home.Umphrey's was pretty good- some points of some of the jams I might even describe as approaching awesome. They did a bass heavy dub style version of Pink Floyd's Breathe that was pretty hot. UM showed their harder side at some points, a definite prog rock influence there. I found that some of the slower songs (and the lyrics portion of a lot of their songs in general) to be a bit hollow- lacking that warm room filling fullness. Perhaps this a maturity of their sound issue but I don't feel they were on par with Disco Biscuits, moe., or even old theater Phish. But overall, they were pretty good.

Apologies for the crappy cellphone picture above.. here's a video of UM from '02 courtesy of YouTube:

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