Friday, February 10, 2006

Forbes Gallery- very rich

I went to a really great gallery today. The Forbes Galleries are located in (appropriately enough) the Forbes Magazine headquarters on 5th Ave and 12th Street in the Village. Forbes is the original get rich quick click here learn how deal maker. Like some self-fulfilling prophesy, the Forbes family made their money from a magazine telling you how to make money.

Regardless, the gallery houses an impressive collection of toy boats. Not the little plastic ones I had as a kid but huge 1-3 foot long metal wind up ones with incredible amounts of ornate details. Now picture 500 of those boats. Now picture 10,000 toy soldiers all neatly arranged into small battle scenes representing all sorts of armies in all sorts of wars. The gallery also had a trophy room area with a hodgepodge of antique and very uniquely bizarre trophies and plaques. My favorite room was the Monopoly room. They had some of the oldest Monopoly games there, including a few on paper & wood and a round version. There were also a few other areas that I did not like as much and breezed through.

Overall it's a great place because you could either spend an hour there, looking at all the details on the toy boats, plaques, & soldiers or you could just fly through in 10 minutes impressed just by the vast size of the collection.
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