Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Snowboarding Tricks in Central Park

Sunday was the Burton NYC Rail Jam in Central Park. A pair of 10 foot tall ramps were set up near the bandshell with 2 types of rails. Here's some pics and video I took:
A DJ was blasting music. There was a rock-climbing wall and free cider.
Most of the riders were using the bigger box rail.The snow as actually ice shavings from the skating rinks in the park.
I like how this guy almost mimics the ad behind him:
One after the next they quickly took their turns.

I think this was the only girl.

Here's a compilation video I made.. set to the 6/18/94 Bowie intro (apologies to people not fans of Phish- lower your volume I guess).

The NYC Rail Jam ruled. Certainly more exciting than the Superbowl later in the day.
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