Monday, January 30, 2006

More on Brasserie Ruhlmann

Brasserie Ruhlmann is supposed to be serving dinner starting this week, so here's some updates. Andrea Strong in an article on Bloomberg about the restaurant writes:
Brasserie Ruhlmann captures the glamour and joie de vivre of Paris's Bourse neighborhood in the late 1920s. Perhaps it will do for Rockefeller Center what Balthazar did for Soho.

What? Rockefeller Center could not be any more different that Soho on so many different levels. Not really sure where she's going with that. Besides inane speculation, she does have some good information on the menu:

There's hand-cut steak tartare with gaufrette potatoes, boudin noir with pomme mousseline and caramelized cipollini onions, escargots croque en bouche (with garlic butter and herbs), choucroute royale with suckling pig. Appetizers average $10, entrees about $25
The Times has a related piece on Jean Denoyer, creater/co-owner of the restaurant, detailing his love of the brasserie's namesake Émile-Jacques Ruhlmann furniture pieces but does not give a single shred of information about the restaurant. Perhaps in an attempt to truly get that Paris in the late 1920's feel, the restaurant does NOT have a website- is still non-functional.

Here's a few pics from late last week- not sure if that's a waiter or busboy:
They've added curtains to the windows and a sign on the door. The art deco style font on the original sign on the handle is much classier (and more informative). The tables were all set but they were not open for customers yet. My previous posts on Brasserie Ruhlmann: #1, #2
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