Thursday, January 26, 2006

Project Runway walks off with another good one

Yesterday's episode of Project Runway was awesome. This show is just getting better each week. The show started off with Zulema wanting to switch models and demanding a walk-off to decide. Scandalous! I usually don't care about the model competition since it's more luck & randomness than model skills but that blonde girl just can't walk- wow. Her walk can only be compared to a wounded ostrich.

The challenge was "inspiration" and the designers were set loose into the streets of NY with digital cameras to shoot their inspiration for the dresses. Conceptually this was my favorite challenge yet. Once again Santino knew exactly what to do right away, while some of the others seemed to wander aimlessly. Santino would kick ass in a speed-designing competition (yes-PR could technically be called a speed-design competion, but I'm envisioning something quick-like a 2 hour contest). Unfortunately Santino did not win but as I instructed him after the last episode, he realized that he needs to tone it down a little bit or he'll get cut.

I was surprised that the winning dress was in the Rockefeller Center Banana Republic window so quickly after the show. Daniel V won this week:

It's interesting how rough and unfinished the bottom is. The previous winning dresses on display were almost all like this too.

Check the official Project Runway site for a better representation of the color and how it looks on a real person.

They really should put a mirror up, so you can see the back too.

Despite winning last week with a beautiful design, Zulema got the auf wiedersehen this week. Fans- you absolutely must check out the ultracomprehensive Blogging Project Runway for about 525,600 things I missed about the show.

In weird personal convergence for me- (unfairly) ousted former contestant Diane Eng's blog entry for November 10 mentions the same Phish/fish music dress I wrote about.

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