Monday, January 23, 2006

Slice- the perfect food?

After hearing the buzz about a new pizza place called Slice, The Perfect Food on the pizza blog called Slice and food blog $20 a day, we decided we had to check it out. Healthy pizza? We were skeptical but anxious to try. The restaurant occupied a small slice of real estate on 2nd Avenue in the 70's.
We checked out the menu. Slice also offers a make-your-own style menu where you can mix and match styles & toppings but we decided to stick with their premade selections. They use organic and healthier ingredients. I went with the "Expert" Chicken and CNote got the "Skilled" Eggplant.

We noticed the TEANY teas offered. The decor was minimalist, the lights were suspended bulbs with reflective bottoms- allowing for a cool shot of the whole place. Note the creepy manequin.The place is small, seats only about 10. It was a little surreal when I was actually asked if I wanted cheese on the slice. Sorry about the blurriness.

After a short wait, our pizza came out. They served it on square white plates. It was cut into 4 in a diamond shaped pattern. Fresh basil was sprinkled on top after it came out of the oven. The crust was very thin and crunchy. It was lightly charred with an almost cracker-like snap. The sauce was excellent. The only weak point was the sesame chicken- it didnt go well. A rosemary chicken would have been preferable.

On our way in we had noticed that they were going to be on the food channel.
Sure enough, when we got home it was on. This is the owner. She put in $5,000 of her own money, got a loan for $80,000 and borrowed the remaining $115,000 from friends in exchange for equity in the business. What kind of friends have $115,000? How about Moby? The show also mentioned that her rent is $6000/month. Wow.
Overall Slice showed good promise, despite the chicken. The crust really makes the pizza. Not a true purist's pizza but something different and good.
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