Friday, January 20, 2006

Smoking Inside?

I got an interesting email from a music promoter the other day. Didn't want to post it until after the event- not looking to blow up anyone's spot or anything but I really think they are pushing the smoking inside thing a bit much. Sounds a bit sketchy to me:
All Info Below...remember the half priced coronas
until midnight...
(and psst, you can smoke inside.)

Thursday, Jan 19th

Bastard Jazz Presents...

- Digging Deeper -

Our monthly excursion into the crates alongside a
special guest, every 3rd Thursday.

w/ DJs Shakeyface (It's Bananas / Studio
Distribution), Sema4 (Bastard Jazz), Paul Digs
(Bastard Jazz)

Located @ The Leopard Lounge - 247 e. 5th St @ 2nd Ave
(Upstairs) - NYC!

Never a cover, Half Priced Coronas Until Midnight,
Smoking Allowed Inside, and Dancing all night!
They mentioned the smoking thing twice and the second one looks official but doesn't jive with LL website. Is smoking inside really that big a drawing card these days? If so, why haven't we seen a Hoboken/Jersey City club boom? And Coronas are not worth it even at half price.

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