Tuesday, January 17, 2006

I've got a bike, you can ride it if you like

After walking 18 miles in 3 days during the transit strike, getting a bike seemed like a great idea. I envisioned myself just cruising down Madison Ave unimpeded by the chaos of city traffic. For the official record here- in this dream I am wearing normal street clothes and not ultra-tight bike shorts. In this dream my junk is free to be, yo. Spandex is for superheros.

Well now that dream has been shattered into a thousand tiny pieces after seeing this crazy bike messenger video (50mb- slow download but worth it) as they race through the streets of NYC. These guys are absolutely nuts. Not quite how I envisioned my peaceful ride to work.

So now I need to find some alternate transportation for short trips around the neighborhood. I'm told old to get a skateboard. Rollerblades are too big a hassle. Those sneakers with the built in rollerskates on the bottom look cool. Razor scooter? Do they even still make those anymore. Guess I'll stick to walking for now.

"Playing drums is like riding a bicycle built by Dr. Seuss" Jon Fishman

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