Friday, January 13, 2006

Suits rockin' out

After work today, I went with my lovely wife C-Note to an office party at an insurance brokerage. Since it was requested that I get a little dressed up, I wore canvas type pants instead of my normal jeans. Match that with a polo shirt & cardigan & sneakers and off to work I went. So at the party, I am the only one not wearing a suit & tie. Outside of a wedding or bat mitzvah, I've never seen that many men in suits in one spot. It was pretty ridiculous but I didn't really feel out of place.

Full bar but I got a decent Pinot Grigio & an excellent Shiraz because I figured that wine would look classier than a mixed drink. Based on this event, I can estimate that the insurance industry consists of 99% white people & 90% men (almost all wearing dark color suits). Some of the brokers we met were really laying on the sales pitch to CNote, several gave her their cards. Everyone had big white nametags on their jackets (I pinned mine to my pants so I wouldn't snag my sweater... and cause I'm not a total geek).

Meanwhile back at my office today, a girl in a t-shirt puts both her fists together- with thumbs on bottom, extends her pinkies, and proclaims that she is rockin' out too hard for just one hand.

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