Thursday, January 19, 2006

I'm cuckoo for coconuts

A few months back, inspired by either memories of our trip to Hawaii or perhaps some Paul Mitchel awapuhi shampoo, we bought some coconut chips to eat. These mostly sat in the fridge, escaping only for a brief munch or two but mostly just sitting. Lately we have been in an eat-everything-left-in-apt-but- don't-buy-anything-new mode. Itching for something sweet one night recently, I suggested we toast them. We spread out a bunch on a baking sheet, sprinkled some cajun seasoning, cinnamon and sugar on them and baked at 350. 5 minutes later they were done and it was a great snack in a pinch. Next time I would spritz them with water first so the spices stuck a little better.

At this point I thought this was the best thing we could possibly make with the coconut (especially since my pina colada idea was shot down). I was clearly mistaken as C-Note made the most delicious coconut crusted baked salmon. She cooked up a marinade of honey, maple syrup, butter, and the coconut chips. It was almost intensely sweet but was brilliantly offset with the subtle heat building from the spicy black beans side dish (cooked with cilanto, garlic, onion, chili powder, black & red pepper). I learned a lot about coconuts that day. Mighty coconut- I respect you now. You are a tasty and versatile fruit. or gourd. or nut. or whatever you are.

First picture is from Salt Pond Beach Park in Kauai.
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