Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Mike Gordon plays with the fans

If you've been following the saga of the Phish bassist and solo recording mega-star Mike Gordon Hotline on my blog here, or here, or here, or maybe here and also here; you know that last we left off, Mike was meeting up with fans for an open mic night in Boston. His latest HL message thanks the fans for coming out to the show last night and tells about his own addiction to the hotline. He mentions playing chess against some people from the OhKeePah website (url?) but he can't for 9 weeks. Hmmm.... what's up with the 9 weeks? Looking at the calendar, 9 weeks from now is Jam in the Dam which happens to feature The Duo. Let the rumors begin!

So, who were the lucky fans who not only got to hang with Mike and Jamie Masefield at the open mic show, but to get onstage and play with them? Why they're from PT and they've got the pics to prove it! Click on PT for their full story. I'm really glad to see Mike connecting with the fans. music_