Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Mike Gordon hotline insanity

The Mike Gordon obsession continues. Gordo is a busy man these days. Without his duties as bassist & vocalist in Phish, he has plenty of time to do all those things he always wanted to. Like leaving a message on his hotline yesterday afternoon asking for his fans to leave a random word for him. Or yesterday evening's message about him going out with Jazz Mandolin Project's Jamie Masefield in Boston. Or yesterday's late night message with the results of the words the fans left and a promise of a new song using those words and some vodka talk. Or tonight, Mike encourages fans to join him at the Middle East bar- upstairs in the current message. This is getting difficult to keep up with. Will the insanity never end? What exactly is he doing with Jamie Masefield? Just hanging? Will rumors of a JMP tour with Mike surface?

Update...someone on PT actually went to the bar and hung out with Mike:
i just chilled with mike at the middle east (downstairs). it was pretty fun. he was with jamie masefield and a couple of girls.

i introduced myself and, of course, thanked mike for everything. i told him we know a couple of the same people (a film editor in NYC who he's known since high school and joe russo, who i took some drum lessons with back in the wetlands days). when i told him i knew joe, he goes "let's call him."

i bought them a round of drinks and had a great conversation with jamie masefield about neil young, bob weir (we both did our best bob impressions), tolstoy, shelley and this new project he's working on (which sounds dope).

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