Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Yelling at Project Runway

Oh yeah- it's Wednesday, only a few more hours until the new Project Runway episode. Kudos to Bravo for another well produced, fascinating season. The show is great- I laugh, I mock, I debate choices, I make predictions, I yell at the screen. The true test of any reality show is the yelling at the screen test: the crazier the characters are, the more yelling at their absurdity there is and the better the show is. Last weeks show was pretty ridiculous (in a good way) with all the contestants wearing tight figure skating costumes and then designing one for an Olympian.

Santino is my clear favorite. His designs, while a bit over the top sometimes, are pretty spot on usually. It will take both talent and personality to win- someone who can design to the clients specifications yet still have their own style and can then sell it verbally to the client. Others may have the design chops but I believe only Santino has the combination. He just needs to tone it down a little bit and he'll win it all. Then again, Austin Scarlett lost last year so what do I know?

Every week the winning designs are put in the window near the Rock Center Banana Republic. Here's last week's winning design (figure skating outfit challenge)

Note to Banana Republic window dresser- don't put the mannequin's hands in front of the design!It's interesting how ornate the piping is (is that what it's called-piping?). On TV it looks like a pattern, but in person it's clearly handmade freestyle.

Also check out the interesting (even for non-fans of the show) blog by Bravo programming exec Andy. Lots of celeb encounters there. And go Santino!

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