Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Sopranos filming today (with pics)

The Sopranos were filming today in Rockefeller Center. They shot at least two scenes; one right on the ice rink and one at the tip of the Channel Gardens in front of the rink. Both involved Joe Gannascoli aka Vito Spatafore aka the gay mobster (wisegay?), most recently seen on VH1's trainwreck-waiting-to-happen Celebrity Fat Fit Club. He was bundled up but his face did look slimmer. To VH1's discredit, on his website he credits his 140lb weight loss to Stacker II XPLC pills. His site not only has plugs for Stacker II, Joe's own "A Sauce To Die For" tomato sauces, and Joe's culinary crime novel "A Meal To Die For", but he also puts his email address right on the site. The site does not mention that he endorses an energy drink (what?!). On to the pics:
They were filming in the southwest corner of the skating rink by the Sea Grill.Here's Joe with the actress in the scene (who is that?), standing behind the wall at the rink.
Zoomed in.
The second scene in the Channel Gardens filmed later. I didn't stay for too long but it looked like in the scene he was with a young girl-maybe 7, posing for a picture in front of the rink. Both scenes appeared to be single camera.
You know it's an expensive production when the crew is drinking Pellegrino. Unfortunately there were no Tony Soprano/James Galdofini sightings today and no hope for tomorrow since the shoot was only one day, per the no parking signs posted.

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