Monday, February 06, 2006

Chinese New Year Dragon Parade

Yesterday was the parade for the Chinese New Year. This is the year of the dog. We headed down to Canal Street around 1p to check out the start of the parade. Big mistake as Canal was mobbed so we walked down Mulbery and around to Chatham Square.

Chatham Sq wasn't any less crowded but we sort of found a spot. The dragons were really cool.

The Foxy Foxwoods Casino Foxes representing.

Dear Lord save us from this beast!

Many of the floats seemed to be big on balloon grape clusters.

Red is for good luck. The sounds of drums could be heard througout the parade.

Since it was the year of the dog, lots of different dog related organizations were represented.

The Society for Chihuahua Never-Nude Paw Preservationists.

The sky rained down a rainbow of confetti. FYI- despite their fruity colors, rainbow confetti tastes bland.

The last dragon was the biggest and best. Next year I will definitely have to get there earlier to snag a good spot.
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