Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Pink Panther Review

Recently I caught a really early preview of the new Pink Panther movie. As a disclaimer here- I've never seen the original Peter Sellers versions, although I have seen the cartoons and I'm familiar with Owens Corning Fiberglass Insulation (which gets it's great R-value from actual pink panther fur). The movie was fairly funny with a lot of slapstick and physical comedy. Despite being mostly lowbrow and straightforward, the humor did not have a high degree of predictability- which was good.

Steve Martin was very believable as the bumbling Inspector Clouseau. His over the top French accent was used to great comedic effect at times. He seemed fully immersed in the character, with some hysterical facial expressions (usually looking confused). Kevin Kline's role was almost typical for him- frenetic energy, all over the place physically. Beyonce had a much more minor role than I expected- I think she was ok, but she wasn't in the film enough to really judge. As part of the standard Will Smith musician in a movie package, Beyonce had a song to close the movie over the end credits.

There were a few scenes shot in New York, mostly near the Waldorf Astoria. A small continuity error occurs when they walk around the corner from the Waldorf and into a heavily graffitied 2/3 subway entrance (a mere 1.5 mile distance in real life minimum and you'd have to go even further away to find one that tagged). Overall on the J$ scale, I'd rate the movie $$$$$$$ (7/10). Recommended more for kids & fans of physical comedy. Opens Feb. 10th.

In anticipation of a flood of email requests for some video of a few dudes blowing up a stuffed animal pink panther- here it is:

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