Sunday, February 05, 2006

New Signs for Times Square Subway Station

Recently I caught a glimpse of the new style of signage for the Times Square subway station. The sign has black lettering on a white background in what appears to be a Times New Roman font. The white background provides an excellent contrast to the dirty white pole upon which it is affixed. It's simple lettering style is very readable up close but needs to be made larger for the benefit of those on passing trains. The sign is secured to the painted steel pole with two pieces of duct tape. The tape does not provide adequate security against theft. As a non-certified transit signage professional, I recommend that the MTA install an additional 2 pieces of Duck Brand Duct Tape on top and bottom to protect against theft and a costly replacement. I could not get an official size measurement but my best guess is that the sign measures 8 1/2 by 11. Preliminary carbon dating dates the sign to 2006. So, maybe the MTA really is hurting for cash. And I would love to meet the marketing genius who came up with the Duck Tape brand name.
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