Monday, February 13, 2006

Dark Side of the White Stuff

In light of yesterday's record snowfall in New York City, it's time to set the record straight about snow in the city. It's pretty while it's coming down and any shmuck can take pretty pictures but the reality is that it gets ugly fast. With all the garbage trucks doing double duty as plows, the garbage starts to pile up.
After just one day of no pickups:
The snow & icicles start to fall off the window sills of buildings bringing out the yellow caution tape. Someone needs to buy this building a cone or another barricade:

A common task like crossing the street becomes a steeplechase-like navigational nightmare.I hope you remembered where you parked:

Got a shovel in the trunk of that Harley?Ironically, the one time a Hummer would actually be justified in driving around the city and it's plowed in, unmoved.

Yellow snow? No big deal. Real NY'ers know to look out for the brown snow:
Since we're keeping it real today, forget those dreams of cross country skiing smoothly through the street, gliding through undisturbed without a care in the world; here's a video what you would actually look like cross-country skiing:

That music is the inimitable Mike Gordon from his excellent project with Leo Kottke. Keep in mind this is only after 1 day- it only gets worse from here. The truth about the white stuff must be told!
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