Thursday, February 23, 2006

Doublemint Twins?

I caught the Doublemint gum street team tandem biking around Bowling Green yesterday. For some reason they didn't seem to remind me of the TV ad. Maybe they're fraternal?

One of the original 1950's Doublemint twins, Jayne Boyd was married to the miraculous Al Schwartz, director of Welcome Back Kotter, and a frequent producer of award shows. According to his IMDB bio, Schwartz has defied science and produced 8 live events since his death in 1988. He also claims, in a 2001 UW interview, that he attempted to double his pleasure and ask out both Doublemint twins to be his dates together, but only Jayne was available.

Back to Bowling Green; these 2 were just peddling around, they didn't appear to be handing out anything but they did have Doublemint logos on their backs. There were also a few other pairs of tandemgineers in the area. I was half expecting to see Donald Trump standing nearby giving his Apprentice style instructions, "The chewing gum industry is huge and Wrigley's is the hugest. When I make love to my hugely beautiful wife Melania, I always pop in 2 huge pieces of Doublemint gum beforehand. Why 2 you ask? Because I'm so huge. Your task today..."
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