Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Clerks 2! Clerks 2! Clerks 2!

Clerks rules! It's one of the few movies I've seen multiple times. At least 10. Hardcore, breaugh. Now Kevin Smith is coming out with a sequel- Clerks 2 (technically not now, but sometime in August). Shooting has concluded, so it's definitely a go. Here's the trailer, which tells you nothing about the film yet still manages to make me want to see it:

Yes that's Rosario Dawson & Wanda Sykes. Interestingly in an MTV interview Kevin claims they are not even going to have Clerks 2 rated because:
"Clerks' was a movie that the MPAA gave an NC-17 for language and content alone. This movie ups the ante by a hundred-fold, and there's just no way it gets an R."
So I'm sure you're wondering, what exactly would upping the Clerks language ante by 100-fold mean? Since the movie does not appear on the Wikipedia list of films with most Fbombs, I investigated myself using the script & cntrl F. By my count Clerks contains the following:
  • f*ck- 88
  • ass- 18
  • sh*t- 45
  • c*nt- 5
  • c*ck- 11
  • dick- 18 (this would have been great if the count was 36 dicks)
If Clerks 2 ups the ante a mere ten-fold or 1/10th of what Smith claimed, it would give us 880 f-bombs (which would only top the current record by 330!) and about 2000 total curses, allowing for some not listed above. Assuming the film is 90 minutes, this would be more than one curse every 3 seconds. Either way, I can't wait till August for this.
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