Friday, February 24, 2006

From the Art of New York

Velvet Sea is all downtown this week. There's an exhibit now through the 28th at the World Financial Center called From the Art of New York. The exhibit is to raise money for the Gulf Coast and features both New York and Gulf Coast artists. It's presented in a linear semi-circular display in the Winter Garden lobby. There were photographs, paintings, drawings and sculptures all hung on unnumbered panels- making it difficult to match up the artwork to the guidesheet.

I saw a real nice photo of John and Yoko in Central Park that I really liked. De La Vega had 3 pieces, one was a painting of his mother and another was a pretty intricate detailed drawing or painting which seemed atypical for him. Tom Otterness contributed a tiny (maybe 4 inches square) painting too; I didn't know he painted, I've only seen his ubiquitous sculptures. Christo's piece was a b/w drawing of a wrapped house- not too exciting. I enjoyed the bright colors Peter Max used in his painting of Lady Liberty. Yoko had some ridiculous minimalist signed paper thing that was 98% white, 1% her signature, 1% a few squiggles. Looks like it took her 10, maybe 15 seconds to do. Rauschenberg's piece was also of the statue, holding the towers (you can see it in the picture in the middle):
It's a pretty interesting and diverse exhibit, I'd recommend checking it out if you're in the downtown area and have an extra 20 minutes.
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