Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Wackass Google Searches To Here

Today I present you the craziest, weirdest, sickest searches that brought visitors to this site. Now you probably are asking yourself, "isn't that the type of crap filler post that lame bloggers put up when they have nothing else to write?" and you would be correct smart reader. You would also probably speculate that by putting up a new post with those search terms might lead to a self perpetuating cycle of more sickos coming back to this site through those same searches. Well, probably yes SEO genius reader.

But regardless, these lists are always entertaining and I'm still recovering from vacation so here are some of the crazy searches that brought others here: most grilled cheese eaten, runway walks, tamar and prince and the twins, trey anastasio park slope, can i smoke pot inside the hammerstein ballroom, subway station size measurement, cirie boobs, unan1mous sucks, manhands, inventions on flatulence odor, survivor is awesome, bacon brothers salmon plugs, madonna with whip, see animals humping, monkeys on a subway, monkeys humping, humping, richard stabone censors, do they still make nuprin?.

category: bacon brothers manhands humping richard stabone in park slope