Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Cougar Hunting in Clinton Hill

I've walked past the Graham Home for Old Ladies building in Clinton Hill, Brooklyn a few times lately and today it finally occurred to me that this place would be some prime hunting grounds to do little impulsive cougar hunting. I thought for sure I could score myself a jaguar or better.
I spit in my hands, ghetto moussing my hair into a perfect fratboy unicorn spike, preparing myself for the motherload (or grandmotherload as the case may be). I snagged a flower from a neighbors yard, picked up a box of jimmy hats from the bodega down the street, and proceeded to the front door to make my conquests. I quickly learned that I was about 2 years too late as the Graham House for Old Ladies has been converted to condos.category: excuse_to_blog_about_cougar_hunting ghetto_moussing