Thursday, August 10, 2006

Twelve Tribes Take Manhattan

I could almost not believe my eyes when I saw the familiar big bus heading up 1st Avenue this afternoon. The Twelve Tribes are rolling through my hood! Lock up the kids. I'm not just saying that, seriously don't let your kids near the bus.
They masquerade as a religious community but in fact the 12 Tribes are a cult. Check out the website for ex-members who's lives were devastated by the Twelve Tribes. Read the crazy and sad article from a former member who grew up in the cult. Child labor, sexual abuse, beatings with sticks, giving up all possessions and outside contact, the leader who is a direct pipeline to god and in favor of black slavery, subjugation of women, brainwashing, creating skin cream for Estee Lauder, child custody lawsuits- it's all there.

If you're wondering why I said "familiar big bus", then you have just won a fabulous prize. Show them what they've won Chuck. The Twelve Tribes aka Yashuas and their pimped out maroon bus (check out the interior shots!) has been a familiar sight at Phish & Dead shows (RIP Jerry), and other music festivals.
The can't miss bus normally featured a big red cross on the top under the guise of providing "first aid" for concertgoers but in fact they were recruiting and handing out literature. They would play Israeli folk music and dance in circles outside their bus and invite people in to drink tea. They would seek our more vulnerable attendees and try to get them to join, particularly those that perhaps took a little too much acid or mushrooms that day. The men and women have clearly defined separate roles visible to anyone. They all have a weird blank stare in their eyes and are supercalm. They dress like hippie Amish.

The Twelve Tribes also run Common Ground coffeeshops and would set up a vending stand at concerts with their magazines conveniently spread out all over the place (supposedly the coffee is quite good). The 12 Tribes are heading up to Ithaca (is Gorges) next, so watch our Cornell summer students.
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