Sunday, September 24, 2006

Leaky Pump..from the Future

Corner of 71st and 1st avenue, where the lovely old buildings used to be before they tore them down to build something that I'm sure will be made of glass and will look as tacky as a white brick building does in 15 years.
Of course by then, white brick buildings will be back in vogue and the east 60's will the new hot spot for all the hipsters, who will be called newsters because hipsters will have become as past tense as yuppies. Genny Light will be the new beer of choice as cheap beer irony moves east from Pabst's Blue Ribbon of today, to Pittsburgh's Iron City Light to Rochester's finest Genesee Beer. Manilow is back and he's huge in 15 years by the way. The combover is the new shaved head and tight rolling pants is back bigtime. Mark my words.