Friday, October 06, 2006

Sky Mirror Rockefeller Center

So a few weeks ago they put up a giant mirror art thing in Rockefeller Center and of course Velvet Sea is right on top of it (not literally since there was security and I don't know where I placed my left hand suction cup climber). They call it "sky mirror". It's by Anish Kapoor and it's art. I have some art in my bathroom too, it's called "shower door mirror" and "medicine cabinet mirror". There's a small fee for entry though, just make a deposit in the white bowl.
This is just the sort of thing Rockefeller Center needs, an excuse for tourists to stop in the middle of the sidewalk... as if they ever needed an excuse anyway. Attention visitors to New York City: Welcome. The sidewalks in our city are like the freeways in your godforsaken Walmart ham sandwich shittown. You don't just stop in the middle, you pull off gently to the side. If you have to imagine yourself as one those pick 'em up trucks with 4 wheels in the back hogging the road, do it. And for the record Bubba Gump Shrimp is not considered an authentic New York meal.
In summary, art rules.