Sunday, October 29, 2006

Tupperware Art Thing at Time Warner Mall

Last week the winners of the 2nd annual Translations in Tupperware design challenge contest were on display at the Time Warner Center Mall, or as it's officially, but not commonly called "The Shops at Columbus Circle", since New Yorkers tend to disdain the mall and all things suburban. This clearly was the obvious choice of locale to display designs made from an object most suburban- Tupperware.
The design winners were sort of a mixed bag, ranging from the simplistic dough roller lounge chair above to the more complex dresses made of lids below.
Project Runway- take note!
My favorite was the fish silhouetted below. Very intricate and detailed considering the materials it was made from.
Here's the backside view- it's constructed of Tupperware spoons!
Overall the designs seemed for the most part pretty amateur and uninspired and there was a complete lack of any signage around the display to indicate that this was some sort of contest- hopefully next year there will be improvements on both ends.