Wednesday, November 01, 2006

FDNY Responds

I happened upon some FDNY activity today on my way back from lunch. There was a large ladder truck with it's ladder extending to the top of an East 81st Street townhouse.Firemen were gathered around outside but nobody was entering the building. More fire department trucks kept arriving at the scene.
Hooked in to the pump for water but no hoses were out.
Above, some random dude on a segway finds out the what's going on while the Spanish Harlem 43 truck pulls up behind him. The fireman was saying something about someone's throat closing up when they went inside the building.
Throat closing up= hazmat situation. SpaHa's bravest from the 43 firetruck head towards the building in hazmat gear. More trucks kept showing up- there was at least 15 big ones and a bunch of SUV ones.
Cool skeleton thing on the front of the 74 truck. Is that a dinosaur? Not sure what happened with the townhouse since I had to get back, but I didn't see anything on the news, so I assume everything's alright. Thanks FDNY.