Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Graffiti on a Pole

I have a lot of graffiti photos, or "graf pics" as the kids say, maybe I'll start posting more. This is a recent addition to a one-way sign pole in PSlope. I can't decide which version I liked better, so you get both! You will not be getting the far inferior 3rd version of this shot, although that will be available this fall as an extra on the DVD.
The street artist for this is "Plasmaslug". Interested in a Plasmaslug piece like this but you don't have a pair of bolt cutters? Want to know the street value of this street art? Then head on over to the Plasmaslug graffiti Ebay store! Apparently a piece like this retails for about $15.
I like graffiti pieces like this- they're fun and they don't damage any property.