Sunday, August 12, 2007

Stacked in BK Heights

Here's another in my Brooklyn as viewed from the water series (part 1). The real story of how these shots came about is that I took the Hidden Harbor Boat Tour provided by the Working Harbor Committee. The tour went around to many of the working areas of New York's harbors, including the Red Hook docks and areas in New Jersey just off Staten Island. It was fascinating to see how much freight comes in to the area via ship without most of us noticing.

The tour provided ample views of lower Manhattan, Brooklyn and Staten Island, so expect more pictures to follow. Here's the BQE as it passes below the promenade in Brooklyn Heights. I'm not sure which version of this shot works better- here's the cropped (by the way, I prefer to frame my shots as I take them and do minimal if any cropping- so the pictures you see on the blog are for the most part exactly how I took them):
And the original:
I find it interesting how there's just layers of activity (and there's even much more below the surface that can't be seen) coexisting in a tight space, yet out on the water in the foreground there is a vast feeling of emptiness.