Thursday, October 11, 2007

The Montauk Club

Continuing on with OHNY week, here is the Montauk Club in Park Slope. It's a members only social club, although membership is open to anyone who can pay the fees. The outside of the building is a terracotta masterpiece:
For Open House New York there was a self guided tour pamphlet given out with information on the history of the building. Access was granted to the first two floors which included some very nice balconies:

The parts we were able to see were the ballroom, library, and lounge/dining area/bar. They were nice but nothing was exceptionally noteworthy- this building shines more for it's exterior. Here's the Montauk Club's ballroom.
Although the packet of information was full of details, I would have preferred a quick tour by a guide. Overall it was great to go inside a building I had previously only admired from the outside.