Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Signs of Life at the Gowanus Lonely Building

There was something brewing today at the landmarked Long Island Coignet Stone Company Building or as I call it The Gowanus Lonely Building since it's (put on your high pitched Eric Carmen voice) all by itseeeeelllllf with just a huge empty lot behind it- future site of Whole Foods.

Anyway, that yellow van parked on the sidewalk in front (or is that the side? sort of fitting that a building on 3rd and 3rd would have similar looking entrances on both streets) was doing some work on the building. It looked like the workers were removing, adding or replacing the plywood that boards up the windows. Soooo...I'm sure that clears it up for you- a return visit will be needed to find out anything. If you look at the top left window you can see daylight clear through out the window behind it. Oh well, enjoy the clouds: