Tuesday, April 04, 2006

The Apprentice- Where Do They Get These People From?

Sometimes I think that contestants on reality TV are the stupidest people on earth. For about the 5th week in a row on The Apprentice, the project manager had been fired for not bringing the right people back to the boardroom. If The Donald says "but isn't it Johnny Mensa's fault for...", you freakin bring in Johnny Mensa*. To take personal responsibility for the loss after Trump has already blamed someone else is just dense. Are these people even paying attention to what happened in the previous boardrooms? Don't they want to win?

I do like how NBC is starting the show off without a true recap from the previous week. The show now starts with a brief clip of Trump firing the contestant and his reasoning and then cuts immediately to the start of the show, beginning with the reaction to the returning contestants in the suite.

*Johnny Mensa: The Gangsta Who Uses His Brain. Coming soon to theaters near you. "Yo Frankie, check dis out, if I use an underhand swing in an arc corresponding with the Fibonacci sequence with this here baseball bat, the centrifugal force and momentum from the backswing means I can beat this guy down wit half da effort". "Johnny you're a genius.. you're gonna be boss one day".

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