Monday, March 13, 2006

Burger Joint Celebrity Brick Wall of Fame

I had lunch at the awesome Burger Joint again today. I got a medium burger and I probably should have had a medium-well to get more of that char-grill flavor that I liked so much last time. It was totally empty at 11am and I noticed the signed celebrity brick wall of fame in the back. The wall has quite an impressive collection of celebs. Not sure if the picture does it justice:
Now I present the first ever semi-comprehensive list of celebrity signatures on the Burger Joint wall of fame with their quotes and my commentary; Jerry Stiller (serenity now!), Heidi Klum (2 hearts- one for her and one for the burgers), Paris Hilton (1 slutty heart), Tommy Lee (surrouded by equal signs- must have learned that in Nebraska), Ashton Kutcher ("rules" by taking up 25 bricks up top), Criss Angel (out of the photo above Ashton in an impossibly high brick- he must have levitated to get up there), New Edition, Rosanne, Oliver Platt, Tyra Banks ("i'll be back"- after I puke up this burger in the bathroom), Martin Bashir, Jasmine Guy, Rosario Dawson ("little black dress" ain't gonna fit after this meal), Christine Lahti, Talib Kweli (BK shoutout), Robyn Byrd (I think she prefers hotdogs to burgers though), Missy Elliot (obscured by fire extingisher), Howie Mandel ("2003"- no deal!), LL Cool J (this burger is going back to Cali), Firehouse (signing a band's name- what the hell?), Eriq LaSalle (gimme 2 cheeseburgers and 500cc's of Diet Coke- stat!), MC Hammer (2 legit 2 stop eating this burger), Hank Azaria (best. burger. ever.), Katie Couric, Donny Osmond "best burger in town", Kathy Griffin ("yum"), Isiah Thomas ("Knicks kick ass"- ok Isiah whatever), Jeff Probst "The tribe has spoken- best burger in nyc"- you're a geek Jeff), Jimmy Fallon ("oh god" with arrow pointing to Probst), Richard Belzar, Jon Cryer, Jon Favreau (no respect- right behind extinguisher too), Carson Kressley (this place could use new drapes), Tony Hawk ("yum!" I hearby rename the 720 ollie to the Burger Joint ollie), and of course Jack Black ("damn... that's a kick-ass burger"- this brick is just a tribute to the greatest burger in the world). Did I miss any?
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